A picture speaks a thousand words.
And a video, perhaps ten thousand?

Maybe more.

count on us, to make it count for you!

Few things are as impactful as the power of a skilfully produced video. At BVR Promos, we understand what it takes to leave the viewer impressed, because you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. So, now you can count on us, to make it count for you!


Who we are

We have been around for nearly two decades now; connecting with clients, capturing what’s most important to them, and communicating the same to their clients. So, what’s the big deal, you say? Yes, not a big deal, anyone can do that. We would like to believe that what has kept us in business is not so much about what we do, rather how we do it. And a big part of that ‘how’ is centred on our core values. Because, no matter how much we have evolved over the years, aligning with new-found technologies and novel ways of storytelling, it is our set of core values that remain the same.

our journey

what we do


A corporate video, is in many ways, the face and voice of the corporate. It is an introduction that does not mandate a physical presence, allowing clients to go places without really having to. It is the best form of showing who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


While most corporate videos are shot in actual locations, with real people and infrastructure, animation videos can do the same job without the shooting bit.
Through the use of the latest in animation software, the message can be conveyed in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Motion Graphics

These videos depict graphics in motion, that result in interesting animated visuals. A superior user interface makes it more impactful for the viewer.
For a generation that is forever on the move, motion graphic videos are the best bet to keep them engrossed.


An ad film is the most popular form of communication when it comes to reaching a wider audience.
As an integral part of the brand building exercise, an ad film can help create reach as well as recall. By weaving a short story into it, we strive to make it as interesting as possible, while creating a call-for-action from the potential customers.



How we work

We invite you to step into our world, where creativity blooms, cameras roll, and magic happens. Journey with us through concept crafting, precision filming, artistic editing, and seamless delivery. Witness how we breathe life into your vision, every step of the way.


Gather inputs

The first step is to diligently collect all the inputs from our client; what is the objective of their communication, who is their target audience, and how do they want us to tell their story.



With the storyboard in mind, we develop the script to articulate the story in detail. The tone, language and communication are kept in mind to reflect the ethos of the client.


Create storyboard

Once we have the client’s requirements in hand, we work towards developing a flow for the video. A storyboard not only gives us a roadmap to go forward, but also creates a coherent understanding for clients to know that we are on the same page.



After the script is approved by the client, actual production commences.


Post Production

The output is discussed and sent for client approval. Once the go-ahead is received, the video goes into post-production.



The final output is then delivered to the client after thoroughly incorporating their suggestions and recommendations.

Core Values

Why do we emphasize this so much on Core Values? This is because it gives us a sense of purpose, and having shared values with the team ensures that we all work towards one common goal. Our values also define who we are to our customers and vendors, bringing us an identity and unique presence that make them come back to us, time and again.

Customer Delight

Happy customers are at the heart of whatever we do. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is more important to us than the smiles of our customers when we get the job done.


Being passionate about our work is what keeps us going, day in and day out. There is no greater joy when your passion and profession are the same, and we are fortunate to live that dream life. Everyday.


Integrity is the most integral aspect of our work, our life. It is the underlying factor of our very existence. And there is nobody better than our clients, to vouch for this.


When you entrust a job to us, you can be sure that it will get done to your satisfaction. Because, when we take upon a project, we own it like it is our own, and hence you can rest assured that we will see it through.


Teamwork works, is not a cliche, it is a way of life. Creating a video is the sum total of several talents rolled into one. One is not greater than the other; but together their synergy is insurmountable.

Learning & Growth

What’s growth without learning? At BVR, one of the potent reasons for our presence in the industry is our insatiable thirst for learning. The constant quest for exploring and discovering continues to be our driving force.


With every project, we aim to capture the essence of the subject, be it a brand, an event, or a profound idea, and infuse it with life and purpose. The canvas of video allows us to blend Our skills in Composing Visuals, editing, Animation and Music, creating a symphony of sights and sounds that leave a lasting impact.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos help build trust, credibility, and brand awareness. Through visual storytelling, corporate videos capture attention, deliver information, and leave a lasting impression on viewers, ultimately driving engagement and boosting business results.

Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos simplify complex concepts into visually engaging and easily understandable content. These videos capture attention, increase viewer engagement, and boost message retention. Animated explainer videos effectively convey brand stories, promote products, and drive conversions.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos serve as social proof, offering authentic customer accounts that build trust. They emotionally connect with potential customers, showcasing real-life experiences and validating product/service quality. They have the ability to influence purchasing decisions.

Tradeshow Video

Trade show videos help businesses make a strong impact, attract potential customers, and stand out from competitors in a crowded exhibition environment. Trade show videos serve as powerful marketing tools that create awareness, generate leads, and contribute to overall business success.

Video Retainer

Retainer mode for video creation offers advantages such as priority access to video services, cost savings through Affordable Offers, consistent branding, flexibility to adapt to changing needs, and the opportunity for a long-term partnership, resulting in better collaboration and high-quality video content. It Creates Both win win Opportunities.


Brand Video

A brand video is a compelling and concise audio-visual representation of a company’s brand identity, values, and story. It aims to evoke emotions, create a memorable impression, and establish a connection with the target audience. They serve as a powerful marketing tool. 

Motion Graphics Video

Introducing captivating motion graphics videos that bring your marketing campaigns to life! Our expert team combines stunning visuals, dynamic animations, and engaging storytelling to create impactful videos that captivate your audience. we deliver content that leaves a lasting impression. 

Instructional Videos

According to Vidyard, 68% of people say they want to learn about a new product or service from a video rather than from a text-based article. If explainer videos are a marketing tactic that your business hasn’t tried yet, it can easily become your go-to advertising method. 

Thought Leadership Video

Engaging thought leadership videos can influence the buying decisions of potential customers, leading to higher conversion rates. By offering valuable insights and expertise, which build trust with the audience, leading to stronger customer relationships.

Culture Video

From increasing customer satisfaction to improving employee happiness. By showing customers what the company stands for and displaying its commitment to its core values, companies can build trust with customers. At the same time, employees can feel more connected to the organization when they see how much effort is put into creating a positive work environment.


” We came across BVR promos and their claim on telling stories made us try with them. They took all the possible samples, and information, and understood the objective of the video. The first copy of the video itself got approved and it was well appreciated by viewers and above all message got delivered.”

Mahesh k


“Their commitment to the work is quite promising. The output quality is absolutely extraordinary! We are highly satisfied with their service, Also we would strongly recommend BVR Promos to our friends and clients”


Concolor Interiors

“I worked multiple projects like corporate video, award videos, explainer videos etc… Am extremely happy about the quality of work and service levels. Always delivered the works on the committed time.”



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